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Akasison Brochure English

BIM | Building Information Modeling

BIM Akasison & Akatherm HDPE | INT - 2017

BIM Akasison & Akatherm HDPE | INT - 2018

BIM Akasison & Akatherm HDPE | INT - 2019

Installation documents

Akasison Roof outlet XL63

Akasison Roof outlet XL75

Akasison Roof outlet XL90

Akasison Gutter outlet 63/90/110

Akasison XL Fixing system

Project information

Project checklist


Akasison XL75 PVC

Akasison XL75 PVC heated

Akasison XL75 Bitumen

Akasison XL75 Bitumen heated

Akasison XL75 Clamp flange

Akasison XL75 Clamp flange heated

Akasison Emergency outlet riser 40 mm

Akasison XL75 PE Installation socket

Akasison XL75 Reinforcement plate with vapour barrier connection

Akasison R63 for gutters

Akasison R90 for gutters

Akasison Rail

Akasison Rail brackets

Akasison Rail suspenders

Akasison Rail connector

Akasison Anchor point set

Akasison Wall brackets

Akasison Mounting plates

Akasison XL75 Reinforcement plate with PE connection

Technical papers

Collector pipes in siphonic roof drainage

Effects of thermal expansion on syphonic roof

Flow phenomena of a siphonic roof outlet

Nothing but the Rain

Principles of siphonic roof drainage systems

Siphonic roof drainage systems the road to priming

Specification manual

Specification Manual Akasison XL


Akasison Roof outlet XL75 PVC installation

Akasison Roof outlet XL75 bitumen installation

Akasison Roof outlet XL75 clamp flange installation

Akasison Roof outlet 63/90 installation

Akasison Gutter outlet 63/90 installation

Akasison Fixing system XL

Akasison Anchor point 40-160 mm installation

Akasison Anchor point 200-315 mm installation

Akasison Test tower


TUV Certificate EN1253 Akasison Roof outlet XL75

SKZ Germany EN1519

SKZ Germany EN12666


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