We never stop improving

Draining rainwater is hardly rocket science, yet that is how we approach it. Umpi Virtaus. UV. Closed siphonic systems. That is our business. That is our muse.

That may sound somewhat theatrical, but it is what drives our people every day: perfecting a natural principle. We are UV adepts, with our own test tower for research & development, who aim for fewer components, fewer actions, fewer errors, fewer failure costs. That is how we continually develop our systems to cater a new sustainable generation. And that is how we stay a large step ahead of the competition in terms of products, knowledge and expertise. Our people continue to take a hard, critical look at our latest product generation. That is our strong suit: our undying willingness ‘to kill our darlings’. Akasison is not a one-off gap filler in our portfolio. It is inherently in our genes: the best roof drainage system.

To Principle 2: We deliver directly.


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