The Akasison XL system is ideal for siphonic roof drainage in buildings with the largest or most complicated roofs.

Akasison XL includes a pipe system made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This material combines flexibility during installation with robustness and reliability up to the biggest diameters. It offers a fully homogenous welded pipe system with butt-weld and electrofusion joints. The HDPE pipe system can easily be prefabricated to composite pipe lengths that can be joined directly under the roof using electrofusion couplers.

These properties make the Akasison XL system extremely break resistant in low temperatures and resistant to shocks or bending. The ingenious Akasison XL fixing system allows the pipe system to be fixed rigidly to the roof and the building. The strength of this installation absorbs all expansion by using a guide rail, rail brackets and anchor points. The fixing system is the ideal support for the robustness that HDPE offers.

The fixing system also ensures that Akasison XL roof outlets are secured in place without any strain. The strain free connection of the roof outlets and their reliable connection to the roofing membrane will ensure that the Akasison roof outlets will drain rainwater without leakage their entire roof lifespan. Akasison XL roof outlets are available in several version and can be applied in any kind of roof. The roof outlet design combines the most reliable connections with ease of installation. Specially developed for Akasison and tested in our own test tower.

Projects using Akasison XL


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